EZTEST® for Function Verification in Simulink®

This self-paced video training provides an overview of EZTEST® - a highly interactive testing and analysis framework for test-driven model-based design and function verification in Simulink®. It is well integrated with MATLAB®, Simulink® and Stateflow®, enabling users to leverage advantages for simulation and verification on the unit level with unprecedented simplicity and speed.

Chapter 1: Quick EZTEST® Overview

Introduction to EZTEST® for Unit Testing in Simulink® (03:12)

This video provides a quick overview of EZTEST® features for unit testing in Simulink®.

  • Overview of EZTEST® Software
  • Unit Testing with EZTEST®
  • Key Features of EZTEST®
  • Documentation of EZTEST®

Installation, Licensing and Activation of EZTEST® (01:10)

This video gives detailed instructions on how to install EZTEST®. You can request the installer at support@techcoaching.de.

  • Installation of EZTEST®
  • Requesting EZTEST® License
  • Activation of EZTEST®

EZTEST® for Unit Test in Simulink®

EZTEST® for Unit Test in Simulink® (21:13)

The primary goal of unit testing in Simulink is to take the subsystem of a production model, isolate it from the remainder of the design, and determine whether it behaves exactly as you expect. Such isolated analysis and test of the unit helps to control the overall complexity of the design. EZTEST® generates test harness and defines unit interface automaticaly so that you can start testing right away!

  • Testing Terminology and Methods
  • Requirements-Based Test
  • Measuring Structural Coverage
  • Developing Regression Tests
  • Back-to-Back Comparison Tests
  • Software Integration Strategy
  • Test Specification and Reporting